Welcome to Mischon Kareken Art.

My art is heavily inspired by the neglected child. Many children across the world live in the reality of which basic needs of love and safety are not met. When I was a child, I experienced my own realities that often left me feeling hopeless. I sought comfort during play to reconcile the displacement that comes with neglect. I often read books in sheet tents on my top bunk and wandered through the woods picking flowers, building forts, and pretending to be characters within the children’s books I adored.

I realize that these places I often sought as a child were what rejuvenated my hope at a young age. As an adult, I now strive to reconcile learned realities of hopelessness through my art making. In turn, I also invite the viewer to question and liberate themselves from their own learned realities.

I primarily focus on the use of space, texture and color. Space is an important component to the works as it gives a reference point for the viewers relationship to what they have stumbled upon. I directly invite the viewer in with the use of strong diagonal lead-ins, quite similarily to paths, branches and vines.

Referencing nature and organisms, I form monsterous/imaginative spaces for the viewer to meander through. Texture and color are also an important part of how I build surface and spatial relationships. The tactile experience is linked to the child-like investigation of something, which is something I consider necessary to this liberation I am attempting to stir within the viewer.